Go Ahead…ask us anything! You know you want to!

What do you want to know?   Here are the questions everyone asks!

How long  have you been doing this?

Celia has been happily officiating at weddings for over 15  years (ouch that hurts!)  Her associate officiants have different experiences, (both officiating for over 12 years)  but they share a true enthusiasm for wedding ceremonies!

How are you different from  your competition?

Have you LOOKED at our competition?  Well, then you probably know already.  We’re warm, funny, accomplished, flexible, articulate, quick to respond to your every inquiry, and always professional. We’re not cheesy or weird, and we won’t make you listen to or say words you don’t feel comfortable saying.  (In New Jersey, all you have to say is “yes”!)

Do  you take credit cards?

We do not, but we do take Zelle,  cash, checks, and large bags of small bills. Have a skill?  Let’s talk barter!

We don’t go anywhere without our dog. Can Sparky be our ring bearer?

Of course!   We are total dog lovers here, and we love dogs in weddings! We can recommend other pros who are too.  How could you leave this family member out of the celebration?  We can also refer you to local groomers and dog-sitters.

We want to jump the broom/pour sand/have a handfasting/light candles/share wine; can we do that?

Sure!  This is YOUR ceremony, and it can include anything you’d like. We’ve had couples share chocolate, braid cords, toast with tequila and even stomp a remote control. (That was a GREAT wedding ceremony!)  We’ll talk about the things you’d like to  include; maybe some you  haven’t even thought of yet!

This sounds EXACTLY like the kind of unique wedding ceremony we want!  We’re so glad we found you!  What next? 

We should talk, get to know each other and talk about  your ideas. Many of our couples plan their weddings from far away, and we’re happy to video conference through Zoom or Facetime chat.   We’ll do whatever is the most comfortable for you, and we work all kinds of weird hours, so no worries there.

We have some questions before we get started; can I email you or call you for more information?

Absolutely!  You can email me: Celia.milton@verizon.net, or you can call or text  me right now at 201-563-5544.   We’re easy to find, and I know you’ll be glad you did!  WHEW!!!